all of me for all of You

Surrender. Hands in the air. Defenses down. Heart open. All of me for all of You. Here is all I am.

My messes, weaknesses, failures. My successes, strengths, victories. My muddled thoughts, my doubts and fears, my misgivings. My hurts and questions, my joys and confidences.

The parts of me I love, the parts of me I despise. Everything I know, everything I don’t. My pieces, my fragments, my whole parts. My insecurities, my all-too-securities.

The things I often give and take right back, the things I’ve never given before, the things I’m not even aware of. Everything I know I need You for, everything I think I don’t.

Here is all I am.

Even when I feel I can only open the door an inch, this is me giving You permission to bust it wide open. Even when I feel I’m unable to offer You more of me, this is me asking You to go ahead and take it anyway. Even when I feel I have no words, this is me asking You to respond to my one-word prayers for “Help” with all You know I need.

Be aggressive with me. For I’m not aggressive enough on my own behalf.

Take all of me and bombard me with all of You. All of You is certainly more than I can handle, but I want to feel crushed under the weight of that burden.

That burden isn’t a burden at all.

[from a post on this day two years ago]