All-in. That was almost my one word for the year. I know it's really two words, but I figured with the power of the hyphen, I could get away with it. At the very last minute, I decided to go with look as my one word, but there's something about this word phrase that still grips my heart.


No holding back. All or nothing. Choosing the hard. Again and again.

And again.

All of me for all of Him.

Actively trusting that He wastes nothing. He redeems all things.

He redeems my all things.

My victories and my failures. Strengths and weaknesses. Triumphs and tragedies. Faith and doubts. Beauty and ashes.


Because He can make something beautiful out of all of me.

Even my brokenness.

Maybe mostly my brokenness.

But I first need to surrender it. And trust Him with it. Trust Him with me.


Because He loves all of me.

Bottom line.

Plain and simple.

I am loved. I am enough.

How can I respond with anything less than my all?

In every situation, in each decision, with every single person, I want to show up fully. Whole-heartedly.

Even when that means bringing my fears and laying them to bare.

Or candidly sharing the vulnerabilities of my heart.

Or taking a huge risk.

I want to live life all-in.