Adventures of TWTJ

Niel really enjoyed all the suggestions of names for the boat. That post definitely elicited the most comments ever on my blog!

After much deliberation, we decided to go with a name that flows in the same vein as most of the recommendations. The boat is officially christened with the name, The Way to Joburg. We frequently have to tell people that Niel is on the way to Joburg, with him making the 3-hours-each-way trip to Johannesburg several times each month. So naming the boat The Way to Joburg is fitting for now...

We took TWTJ out to Sterkfontein Dam yesterday with all the staff -- the first outing with newcomers Josh and Jen. We had a great day (nobody got burnt!), even though the wind made the water really choppy.

When it was time to get the boat back on the trailer, the guys decided not to drive it back to the boat launch where we let it into the water. We girls were left shaking our heads in wonder as they backed up our bakkie right there at the edge of the water to hitch the boat.

Inevitably, the bakkie got stuck in the mud.

Thankfully Dave had driven his bakkie to the dam as well. The sight of his bakkie pulling out our bakkie and the boat was pretty funny. We girls decided that the guys knew that would happen and just wanted the challenge! They were quite chuffed with themselves afterward for freeing the stuck bakkie/boat combo!