acquired taste

I met my friend Jen Price on Twitter. (Story of my life these days... And I love it!) After a few Tweet convos, blog visits, and emails, I knew we were kindred spirits. She and her husband Jeremy pioneered a ministry in South Africa a decade+ ago and are currently back in the States on sabbatical. Jeremy just finished up work on his debut EP project, and I got a sneak peek a few weeks ago.

Now, those who know me well know I have zero music skills, but that I love love love good music.

Believe me when I tell you, Jeremy's EP Acquired Taste is definitely good music.

I love the irony of the album name, because it's certainly anything but an acquired taste. Right off the bat, Jeremy drew me in with his raw honesty, the simplicity of his acoustic style, and his poignant lyrics. (I'm such a words girl!)

Acquired Taste is peaceful and profound. It is compelling,  unique, and soul-stirring.

I asked Jeremy about his heart and journey with this project, and how his work in Africa ties in with it all. In his own words---

I have been writing songs for over 15 years and spent much of my early adult life playing music all over the world. The last few years I have set it aside while building Ten Thousand Homes. But now is the time. Ten Thousand Homes is a movement of ordinary people actively building HOPE and creating HOMES for Africa’s orphans and vulnerable children. In creating home for these children we try to inspire them to pursue joy. In the midst of great tragedy and loss, we desire for them to pursue their dreams, that which gives them joy. My pursuit in joy has always led me to music. And one day I realized that to really help these guys I must all out pursue that which gives me joy. So for the first time, freaked out and completely blessed, I am releasing my first EP, Acquired Taste. I chose songs that were not all written recently. One was written this year, while others go back as far as 8 years ago. The title track Acquired Taste was written while in the bush of Africa. I really wanted to represent a journey, and while this is a simple recording, I am extremely proud of it! What I know now is that this is only the beginning! I continue to work in Africa, and while Ten Thousand Homes has no paid staff, the sale of these albums does help the work continue. Thank you for listening. Thank you for investing in dreams. Now, go pursue that which brings you joy!

So do yourself a favor, and go listen to Jeremy's incredible album. If you like what you hear, and I know you will, you can download it for as little as $3! You can't beat that!

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