a whole lot of nothing

Staring at the blank screen, I want to have something to say. Staring isn't helping. So I figured I'd just start typing. With my fingers sweeping across the keys, maybe something of some value will manage to spew forth. Four lines in, and still nothing. Shame. I felt more productive yesterday than I have in a very long time. I made some substantial progress on a project that I've been working on for a year. I'm getting excited that there's a finish line in sight.

How can it be November 1st? I'm reluctant to flip my calendar page, as if by not doing so I could keep the new month from really starting. Sadly, I know time goes on whether or not my calendar is on the correct page. Time goes on whether I'm ready for it to or not. And I'm not.

I have only one month left with our dearly beloved interns. This year has been unlike any other; I'm nowhere near ready to say goodbye. Today is my second-to-last missions class with them. I wasn't supposed to be here today, so someone else was scheduled to lead it for me. Now that I unexpectedly got to be here (for which there was much rejoicing in my land), I get to sit in while someone else leads the show. I'm looking forward to it.

I'm off to hike the hill, and seize the day.