the tomb isn’t actually empty

English Bay

My heart is camping out in the empty tomb today.

The empty tomb that isn’t actually empty. Because it’s filled with hope.


Undeserved freedom.

Scandalous grace.

The empty tomb is actually bursting at the seams, overflowing with unexpected second chances.

What seems like the end isn’t really the end.

When it’s over, lost, gone, broken beyond repair… that’s when things have really just begun.

Life after death is so much more extraordinary than life before it.

Wholeness comes from brokenness.

Beauty is birthed in ashes.

The new life of spring actually begins with the slow death of autumn.

And that, to me, is the joy of Easter. Found right here in the empty yet abundantly full tomb…

Happy Easter, friends.
He is risen!


4 Responses to “the tomb isn’t actually empty”
  1. faith says:

    Happy Easter Alece!

  2. Mark Allman

    The tomb that is a portal to life.


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