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I’m struck by how different my life looks these days. Sometimes, it stops me dead in my tracks and I just have to shake my head… Five years ago if you’d painted this picture of where I’d be, I’d have said you were crazy. Single? Nashville? Freelancing? No way…

And yet, here I am.


Some days, the disparity leaves me heartsore — because in getting here, I was forced to lose so much.

Other days, the contrast leaves me grateful — because in getting here, I’ve undoubtedly gained so much.


The Lord gives and the Lord takes away.
Blessed be the Name of the Lord. 


22 Responses to “struck”
  1. Cameron says:

    You are amazing!

  2. Jen says:

    Did you see Angie’s post a couple of days ago? I immediately thought of this portion of it…

    “Don’t assume He has withheld the best from you because it doesn’t look the way you thought it would. He knows what we need and how we should receive it, and I for one am going to make a point of enjoying my portion more with that in mind. He doesn’t give us second-best, but He sure might teach us to second-guess what we’re given, daily learning to accept and rejoice that which comes from His hand.” (

    Love you much.

  3. Shelia says:

    It is impossible to make a stained glass window without breaking some glass. But when the pieces are fitted together by the artist, sunlight will spill through the windows and everything the light touches will be colored by them. You, my dear, are a radiant work of art and I am glad to be one of those to be touched by your light. Carry on.

  4. Mary G. says:

    Open hands, open heart. God’s got even more for you and more words of hope for you to share with others.

  5. We lose so much and gain so much from the treacherous roads we journey.

  6. brandie says:

    love this. and the comments; poignant, but encouraging.

  7. Joan says:

    Love this Alece!! I so understand this…lately I’m just so grateful for all I have gained even through the loss. And when I look back to the past four years I can see God’s hands all over my story and how He protected me and brought people into my life to love on me when I needed it. You are such an encouragement..thank you.

  8. faith says:

    I love these comments! But your post is beautiful too. It’s good to be back at the grit :-)

  9. Valorie MacDonald says:

    Awwww, mannnn…
    Well this is what I get for being all creeper on Lindsey’s facebook…Ha!
    The second I started reading, the tears welled up in my heart, rising.. clutching at.. gripping my throat. Must stop reading for the moment and later revisit this suffocated moment lurking beneath the surface! But I just wanted to tell you I hear you; I’m also struck. Alternately by wonder, fear and awe alike. I’m definitely living a similar process, however different in its “fleshing out” I wanted to pause and say thank you for your transparency.
    I’m still working on that.. Still working on the last, above…the whole writing thing. COMING SOON! And um, just typing that is a big ol’ flyin leap of faith for me!!)
    You’re in my prayers! Valorie

  10. Powerful. So beautiful.

    You have a way with words and I love that you can look at your life and directly relate it to scripture. Lovely.

  11. I am in a very similar boat as you, sweet friend! When we think about how big our God is and how we have no idea the plans He has for us, it can be wonderful and terrifying. Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing your journey with us!

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