slow to speak

I’m thinking about our words. Thinking about things we say and who we say them to, and why we say them at all.

In this age of social media, everyone has a megaphone for their opinions and their short, sharable soapboxes. There is so much that is good about the ability for every voice to be heard in this online space. But just because we can say something doesn’t mean we should. And just because we think something, feel something, or have an opinion about something, doesn’t mean it needs to be shared publicly.

Some things are best kept to conversations with friends and family, where space and touch and hearts and dialogue and history are mutually and lovingly shared.

Some things are best kept between a few trusted loyals.

Some things are best kept to ourselves.

And we just need to pause long enough to decide which of those is the case before the words fall out of our mouths or fall through our screens when we hit ‘send’.

Today, I am more intentionally looking for that pause button.

{And, no, the irony isn’t lost on me that I’m saying this in a blog post.}

quick to listen slow to speak


7 Responses to “slow to speak”
  1. Mark Allman

    I try to hold to the belief as well just because something is true then it is not always ok to share it. Truth does not give one license to declare something you know to the world. Magnitudes of people have been hurt from those standing behind the statement “well it’s true”. Build up or shut up. :)

  2. A thousand times yes! As Andy Stanley says, A leader should never choose making a point over making a difference.

  3. For sure, once you hit that publish button, you are done!

  4. I agree! When I read some comments on social media, I always think:
    “Contrary to popular belief, it IS okay to have an opinion and keep it to yourself.”

  5. faith says:

    Oh my goodness! This is the main thing keeping me off of Facebook or twitter or anything else!! I know I would constantly be worked up about the stuff people say and constantly struggle with wanting to say what I think. I am much better sharing with my close friends or even just my husband or children.
    I do love this verse mostly because I need the reminder, as a mom it’s easy to go about my day telling kids what to do and what not to do but it’s even more important to stop and listen to the little voices that are wanting to be heard.
    Thank you for the reminder!
    This also comes a couple days after I was really wanting to send a link to a couple people about something that I think is extremely important but know they do not agree with at all- I have the truth on my side but it would still not get across and would just end up hurting friends. Now that I’ve cooled off I think my “job” in this is to pray for wisdom and enlightenment for these people in this area. My sister likes to remind me that if something is big enough to get me worked up over then its big enough to pray about ;-)

  6. This is something I’ve been thinking about for months now and also the reason I’ve not been very active on social media. My church has a principle that our words should be life giving. So I try now when I am online that my words are such and if not I remain quiet.

  7. terri poss says:

    and so my oneword is “quiet” this year … think there’s anything to that?

    i’m learning to keep my mouth shut. if only i could turn off the rantings in my brain sometimes!

    speaking of words — i’m still missing those converstations we haven’t had yet. gonna be in my neck of the woods anytime soon?

    love you, friend!

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