One Word Mile-Marker: Halfway

It’s June. The year is half over.

So it’s time to check in with everyone for a mid-year One Word 2011 update.

I would love to hear how your word has developed in you over the past six months, how it has impacted you and the ways it’s taken on significance in your life…

How has your word taken shape? And how has it shaped you?

Does it mean something different to you now than you thought it would?

How has it steered your decisions, plans, and actions?

How do you remain intentional about it? How can you continue to focus on it during the rest of the year?

This is a mile-marker.

To look back and see how far you’ve come, but also to help you set your sights forward on the six months that lie ahead of you.

What do you want to do differently with the second half of the year?

It’s a way to take your pulse, honestly process how you’re really doing, and purposefully step into the rest of the year.

Would you write a blog post about your One Word?

And then come back here and link up so the whole community can read it?

I think it would be incredible if each of us took time to read at least 5 update posts from this link list. We can speak words of life and truth to each other’s hearts, and rally around one another in encouragement and support.

You can do this.

We can do this.

Together, let’s finish strong.


Write your update blog post, then come back and add the link here. (Use the permalink to the specific post, not just your homepage.)


34 Responses to “One Word Mile-Marker: Halfway”
  1. Car says:

    My one word has prompted me to go to Zumba class, which has been a very good thing. However, it has also prompted me to look deeper at some things I had been ignoring and it’s not pretty. Not pretty at all. I feel like things are falling apart in so many ways and I’ve reached a place where I’m not sure I want to hold them together any more.

  2. Katie says:

    My word is “depth.” It honestly hasn’t taken shape in the way I hoped it would for this year. But, just two weeks into 2011 I found out I was pregnant with my first baby, and the verses that came to mind were Psalm 139:12-16, particularly verse 15: “My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place, when I was woven together in the depths of the earth.” I think sometimes we choose the word and God directs its course for the year!

  3. My one word is “growth” and today I had to admit that growth is now, right now, meaning that I just need to go through the motions of our faith to keep afloat. It’s not an easy thing to admit, it doesn’t seem to be the “proper” way to pursue, but it’s where I am, struggling and journey, crossing myself to keep sane.

    • Faye

      Preston, I’m praying right now for you. Jesus said He’s never leave or forsake us, and even when we feel like He has, we just have to trust. That sometimes is harder than our brains can process — oftentimes we’ve been let down so much that we think God is no different that those people who let us down.

      I don’t know where you’re at in your walk, why you’re struggling so, but I do know this: God loves you so much! He adores you. He died for you. For. You. You’re worth an awful lot to the Creator. Rest in that. Revel in that. Rejoice in that.

      • Hi Faye,

        I appreciate your prayers as prayer is never wasted. I hope that my post made clear, considered on the whole, how very aware I am of the presence of God and how very much I feel still attached to Him. Both there and in subsequent posts, I describe how this time is not a doubting of Him or my own faith, but a recognition that these bones are tired and the motions are an act of faithfulness until they wake again. I hope that was clear. I wouldn’t want to cause someone to think that, after reading my post in full, I wasn’t aware of God’s love or presence or provision or anything else that comprises the beauty of the Infinite. I hope that’s clear. My wrestle is not with our Lord, but with myself.

        • Faye

          I got that. Sometimes, self is a pain-in-the-keister opponent. Tough to battle sometimes. Dr. Faye’s prescription: as you go through the motions, take the time to read some Psalms aloud each day. Even a couple verses. You’ll notice that many times the writer is simply going through the motions, recounting what he knows to be true of God while he struggles with what he sees around him. (And, no. I’m not a doctor of any sort, unless you count sarcasm… nor did I stay at a Holiday Inn Express.) Love your honesty. God’s got something huge coming for you.

  4. Allison Roberts

    my word is “focus”…ummm…yeah…about that… wait.. wha?!?!

  5. Cindy says:

    My One Word for 2011 is “DO”. I’m trying really hard to remember this. In some ways I’m “doing” alright, in others – not so much.

    I can’t seem to get a good rhythm going for writing blog posts (thus the comment in lieu of an actual post today, maybe in a couple of days). But on the other hand I have taken a huge step in the wellness and fitness area. I’ve started working with a personal trainer (who Kicks. My. Rear. twice a week, I’m using my tread mill for something other than a clothes rack, and keeping track of my food consumption. BIG progress for my 47-year-old-out-of -shape-self!

    One positive that I had not planned on was what a strong hold this area was for me. Once I made the decision to get up and get moving, my attitude toward other things changed. I started thinking more in terms of “why can’t I do that too?” instead of “I’ll never be able to do that…!

    So looks like the 2nd half of the year may be more productive than I first thought! :-)

    Thanks again for the reminder!!! And welcome back to the “right” side of the country! :-)

  6. I just posted my updated. Click my name. :)

  7. jessica says:

    my one word has definitely steered my decisions personally, professionally, and spiritually. the first question i ask is “how will joy fit into the decision?”

  8. Halfway already??!! Wow. I found a blog post I started a few weeks ago that discusses my word (phrase, actually). But it didn’t go how I planned and I abandoned it. I guess I can re-work the post in a new way! My phrase has definitely impacted me. I’ve discovered a lot about myself and I have actually written much less as a result of my phrase. I’ve struggled with writing less, but it’s definitely helped. Because now every word I write is intentional. Which makes what I write much better quality. I’ll definitely link up!

  9. Stephanie says:

    Alece, I didn’t participate in the choosing of a word for 2011. At that time I was still very broken-hearted over a miscarriage in Sept ’10. I think though that my word for 2011 should be ‘TRUST’. God has given me new ground to trust Him in and it’s another hard place. I was recently diagnosed with a fertility problem, surgery is required and even if another pregnancy can happen there are no guarantees as there could be complications due to this medical situation. At 37, I am watching my dreams of having a family slip away. I feel that as I jump each hurdle, another one comes into view which I must jump. I feel that I am holding tightly to my dream of a family the way that a toddler holds tightly to a security blankey. God is asking me to open my hands, let it go and to TRUST Him. So that is what I am doing, praying my dreams back to God, who knows it all, who sees the whole picture, who has a plan. Though my heart is breaking with this I have to TRUST Him. I felt that in the past things that happened in my life that I had learned this lesson already, but here I am on new ground, re-learning about TRUSTING our Heavenly Father.

    • faith says:

      Keep trusting Him and His perfect timing! I have no idea why it took 10 months of serious trying to get pregnant with my second, maybe God was teaching me to trust Him or to be more patient. I’m not sure. The prayer I prayed the night before I found out I was pregnant was ” I hope that even in my struggle to trust and understand, that I am still bringing honor to You”. He and He alone holds our lives in His perfect hands. And His timing alone is perfect. I will be praying for you that He will ease your hurt and comfort you.

  10. Julesmarie

    Timely reminder to apply my word “new”…because I so like the new – just the old held big space!

  11. Wanda

    Reinvent. Not what I was expecting so far. It seems that each time I try to address an issue something happens. I was about to start physical therapy for vertigo and had to have a breast biopsy first. Thankfully, it was benign. After completing p.t. for vertigo (which by the way, I am still struggling with) then I was in physical therapy for my neck and back when I tried tile diving – fell over something in a dark room – not my smartest move and am now struggling to recover from the fall. I am back in p. t. but it is an extremely slow process. Emotionally, I have been seeing a counselor to work on some painful issues that have been holding me back. SLOW PROCESS. Hard to tell which is slower – physical or emotional recovery. A big positive is that I started a Christian support group for hurting women. It is still small but 3 of us have been meeting weekly for a couple of months now trying to work on issues in our lives. This is something I felt strongly that God wanted me to do but I had been putting off. Sometimes I feel like I am taking 3 steps forward and 2.9 steps back but hey, that’s the cha-cha. Not the time frame I want and there have been many obstacles but I am still hoping, praying, and desperately seeking God’s help as I try to move forward. “Giving up” is not an option but sneaks in sometimes daily trying to convince me that I should. Reinvent may have to be my word for next year too. We’ll see. I am hopeful. It is so difficult but I know the result will be worth the effort. Reinvent -A life with purpose, passion, and meaning.

  12. This is like too weird…my husband and I were talking last night about some stuff God is calling me into, and I brought this very thing up, because my One Word is “connect”, and wouldn’t you know it that God is moving me directly in the midst of connecting with women more and more within the Charlotte community. It is insane, and He is guiding me to utilize social media as a platform to launch this, but to expand it beyond Internet boundaries as well. Connection has been rampant in my life the past 6 months…and He isn’t letting up one bit about it. I sometimes wonder what I got myself into…but my goodness, the amazingness He is revealing through this one dedication I made for this year.

    I will blog more about it tomorrow and connect here…see there it is again! Connect…connect…connect! haha

    Thanks for putting this out there, Alece. God is doing such amazing work, and I am excited to see what else He has in store. :)

  13. Jenny says:

    friend… I’m wondering if my one word has changed from Wonder to Faithfulness :)

  14. terri poss says:

    My OneWord is gentleness.Living it out hasn’t been what I expected. I’ve been dealt some hard blows in my life. And I’ve gotten a little hard on the outside. It’s crept in more than I have cared to admit. Now some other really difficult things are going on and I’m having to be very intentional to remain soft instead of letting the anger, the i-told-you-so-why-didn’t-you-listen-to-me-these-are-the-consequences attitude take over. And it’s a battle. And I’m weary. And I don’t like that this is who I seem to have become.

    • Faye

      Terri, your recognition of who you have become is the first step into changing it. Only thing is, YOU can’t change it. This is one of those big things that only God can do. I don’t mean sit back and do nothing, but do recall that “seek Him first” verse? Yeah… this is part of the “all these things.”

      How awesome this work He will do in you will be. What a story you will have to tell!

  15. Kymberly says:

    I finally found it. My one word. Rather than pursue a word, I decided I wanted to kind of let the word find me. To wait and see what God would teach me. And here it is, my one word: Intrude.

    Kinda a weird one, but here’s what it means to me. I have the tendency to be so easy-going that I’m afraid to make waves sometimes. I’m afraid to ask tough questions, I’m afraid of getting too close or too personal. I’m afraid to ask for what I really want. After all, I don’t want to intrude.

    Well that’s it. No more hanging back –2011 is the year of Intrusion for me. I’ve been faced again and again with situations where it is better to intrude and risk stepping on toes than to hang back and make it seem like I do not care. When faced with awkward questions or situations, God is teaching me to storm through them, because what lies on the other side is often much more meaningful and personal.

    Hope everyone else’s One Word is going well!!

  16. Thank you for this! One Word has been such a journey for me and I have truly enjoyed reading about yours and all the others. Be blessed, as you are indeed a blessing :)

  17. brandiej says:

    so, i can’t say that i’ve declared a word for this year in any official way, but the Lord has brought the word BE to my mind whenever i’ve seen you write about having a word for the year. i have to say that i am practicing it and He is showing me what it means.

    over the last couple of months, i have been able to find a sense of inner balance by learning the discipline of taking each thought captive to the Lord through prayer. it is easy for me to get into a mode of thinking, thinking, thinking about the difficult situation and pain in my life. i try to look at it from this angle, that angle, figure this out, figure that out – the thoughts go like a hamster wheel in my head. the Lord has shown me that i need to PRAY, not think. as i have learned to pray each thought, seek Him through each emotion, ask Him what to do about each thing, give fear to Him in Trust, i have experienced freedom to BE – to love my kids, connect with them, reach out to friends in love, have mental energy to focus on my coursework, seek to serve my husband without constantly feeling pain. my teenager, unsolicited, commented on “how much happier” i seem. i am able to experience some peace, though i am fully aware of the difficulty and unknown-ness of my situation right now.

    so, yes, it is shaping me.

  18. Another great idea, Alece. Thank you. Be blessed!

  19. My one word was WOMAN and it has grown into an awesome women’s conference that I am hosting in September :)

  20. Thanks Alece,

    Your reminder and experiencing North Point’s Night of Worship last night helped inspire my OneWord2011 update which had been bouncing around in my head for a week.

    It’s hard to believe I’ve experienced so much life in such a short period of time.

    -Cancer returning to my life
    -Being humbled by love and experiencing love as I have never before
    -Finding “God Winks” each step of the way affirming decisions that have been made
    -Planning and holding a wedding in 21 days
    -Begining chemotherapy
    -Combining two homes into one
    -Becoming a stepfather to teenage boys

    One thing that has become abundantly clear is how God’s plan for my life, even in the midst of cancer treatment, is so much better than my plan…and it’s from this place I find purpose and a platform from which I gladly share my story!


    trusting God period!

  21. Anna C says:

    Alece, I promise I haven’t forgotten, but I have to *ask* for an extension for my half-way post. Timing-wise, it just worked out that John’s guest post went up today, so I’ll do my half-way tomorrow.

  22. It’s amazing how much this word has guided my year already, Alece. Here’s my midpoint check in:

    Blessings on you, sister.

  23. Loving the One Word experience. The last two years have been very similar in that God seems to start with deconstruction and then He moves onto reconstruction. And it always defies my expectations. Thanks for reminding us of the halfway mark – good exercise in reflection and prayer. Love and prayers to you!

  24. Haelie says:

    A little late…but better late than never! :)


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