may i carry her heart along with her name…


Cancer may have taken my incredible namesake, but it never beat her.

One of the strongest, most faithful, joyful, and steadfast women I’ve ever known, she fought to the end and finished well. If along with her name, I can bear even half her strength, a fraction of her courage, and a healthy dose of her laughter in the course of my lifetime, I will count my journey a success…

Alicia, thank you for leaving me such enormously huge shoes to fill and such a beautiful life of bravery and strength to aspire to.



3 Responses to “may i carry her heart along with her name…”
  1. I am so sorry for your loss.

  2. Faith says:

    I’m so sorry Alece!
    She looks like a really fun full of life kind of lady.
    I’m sure she’s proud of who you are and of how you carry her name.
    Sending healing thoughts and prayers to your heart. Love to you!

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