if i could

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If I could find big enough words, I would tell you how grateful I am for the big-hearted, generous, and faithful loved ones who’ve walked with me, supported me, and strengthened me since I left African soil.

If I could find deep enough words, I would describe for you how unbelievably amazing it feels to be this settled after so many years of transitional limbo—and how good for my heart it has been.

If I could find strong enough words, I would explain my newfound understanding and awareness of grace.

If I could find clear enough words, I would recount for you my daily journey of learning to acknowledge and own that I am enough, and I have enough, because of the enoughness of Christ in me.

If I could find impactful enough words, I would articulate for you the ways I’m embracing a lack of plans, and my discovery that it really is okay.

If I could find weighty enough words, I would convey to you the matchless, anchoring, and freeing sense of home I’m discovering once again.

If I could… I would.

But I can’t…


6 Responses to “if i could”
  1. mmm … but you have, you have. with beauty and strength, encased in vulnerability.

    and you have this blog to prove it.

  2. Mark Allman

    Not only are you enough Alece; your words have been as well. Always enough. Always well said and full of grace. It is an honor to see your world and God’s working in it. The individual words may not be big or deep or strong or clear or impactful or weighty but blended together by your heart and your hand they have been more than all those things together!

  3. Alicia G says:

    Love this Alece. So glad you are feeling settled and realizing you are enough. I have a little reminder taped to my keyboard tray at work that reminds me not to listen to the lies in my head that say I’m not enough. :)

  4. Jenny says:

    Love seeing these words tumble out of your heart…

    “If I could find weighty enough words, I would convey to you the matchless, anchoring, and freeing sense of home I’m discovering once again”

    Love seeing you breathe again :) It makes my heart happy

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