happy place

City, mountains, water… the perfect trifecta.


I’ve spent the past week in Vancouver, and my soul has loved every minute of it. Have you ever been up in this corner of the world?


This is my first time here, and I hope it won’t be my last. It is stunning in every possible way.

Grouse Mountain

What are you drawn to when your soul needs to breathe? A bustling city, a forrest trail, a gorgeous beach, mountain vistas, a quiet sunroom…? Or, like me, a mix of a few?

Lions Gate Bridge

If you close your eyes and go to your happy place, what does it look like?
Take us with you…


21 Responses to “happy place”
  1. I’m fairly certain there is sand and water and sun…and quiet.

  2. Tracey says:

    My perfect trifecta… mountains, water and warm weather (preferably with palm trees)… I could give or take the city. I like cities and couldn’t live anywhere too rural, but sometimes cities are too chaotic for my soul!

  3. A mix for me as well. San Francisco & Asheville, NC are the cities I’ve visited where I felt my soul was taking a long deep breath.

  4. Ellie says:

    Different times, different places. After a long, hot summer, I crave the quiet of mountain lakes. After a long, freezing winter, I crave the silence of a deserted beach.

    But I lived near Vancouver for a long period once. It is beautiful there.

  5. brandiej says:

    I love Vancouver. if you have a chance, go to Victoria, and to Chinatown (in Vancouver, and in Victoria). be sure to go to Roger’s Chocolates if you make it to Victoria. it is all so lovely and one of my favorite places.

    I returned to Colorado last week and had some much needed time with friends. it was good for my soul. and hard to be reminded of my life there, that was good and bad all mixed together. I also enjoyed the mountain view and lots of veggie sushi :)

  6. for me, my happy place would be the perfect trifecta you mention above. I have lived near water (rivers) most of my life, but on two occasions, I had the opportunity to live in large cities with mountains. These were Nairobi and Seoul. The water wasn’t immediately close but two of the three made for good. The urban jungle has always been alluring, having also visited NYC and Boston, loving every minute. So needless to say, Vancouver is definitely on the bucket places to visit. Any other cities you might recommend?
    the most ironic thing of my love of the urban jungle is that I was born and raised in a small rural community in the Atlantic provinces of Canada. and have caught the political bug to stay in my home province to try and make things better.

    • which just gives you all the more reason to take as many trips as you can to the “urban jungle” when you have the opportunity!

      Cape Town is magnificently stunning — it’s also a city on the water surrounded by mountains. it also has lots of vineyards (and amazing wine), so you really can’t go wrong there. ;)

  7. Anita says:

    Alece! in Vancouver! Southern US girl in my country? in my neck of the woods?
    I’m not sure why I’m surprised… You do get around – Africa and such… But had I know I just might have made the 3 hour trip to meet you. (if possible)
    You and your words and your vulnerability have affected me that much. Your story and your tenacity, your insights and the encouragement you gave me in a few private messages…
    So, So grateful for YOU < girl!
    If you are back this way or not yet gone… you've got my email… drop me a howdy-hi and I'll fly if I can for the chance to give you a BIG thank you HUG!
    Enjoy this little corner of His Creation…. He really went crazy here with variety and stunning beauty, eh?

  8. faith says:

    It used to be capetown because it also has everything I like – city, beach and African safari type places too. Perfect! But lately if I could think of somewhere really relaxing it would be a hot sunny beach in a lounge chair with an umbrella drink :-) but honestly at this point in my life I wouldn’t even be up for going somewhere exocit and leaving my kids behind- I would be thinking about them and missing them too much. And in my current state I wouldn’t even be able to enjoy an umbrella drink unless its non alcoholic! So I’m just looking forward to holland mi beach :-) hot sunny beach with my boys playing in the sand and some hudsonville ice cream (better than any amount of alcohol!) of course by summer I will be so huge and hot and uncomfortable I might just hang out in the water the whole time. Either way we are looking forward to summer and even spring so we can get outside and get some fresh air. We have been such with strep for like 6 weeks and I’ve had it three times in that short span, so we really do need some fresh air!

  9. I’ve always wanted to go to Vancouver. It looks so beautiful!

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