coffee talk: blogging


True or False?

ht: copyblogger


19 Responses to “coffee talk: blogging”
  1. @ngie

    [I read the link to the original.]

    I say true.

    Now this makes me want to go back and do a word search on my site for: might, possibly, and other such excuse tainted words.

    Before reading the full article my impulse was to comment thus: I am the foremost authority on myself. (Aside from my Author of course.) Since my blog is about me I am in the clear.

    [by the way, I am feeling very connected to you right now as I am drinking a bon a fide Starbucks frapuccino in a real life Starbucks travel mug. hee hee hee. :-) ]

  2. Katie says:

    Well…I suppose it does, to a point. You’ve got to care enough about SOMETHING to write about it. Is that passion? And you’ve got to know your own mind on those issues (even if your own mind dances around and refuses to settle down)…otherwise you’d never manage to get a blog post out.

    (What full article is @ngie talking about?)

  3. I think it should say “good blogging…” cuz anyone can blog, especially w/out passion or authority (and yes, most people do).

    But, its the good bloggers who use passion and authority.

  4. @ngie

    Drinking coffee while commenting on the coffee talk… how chic am I?!

  5. @ngie

    At the bottom right of this post there is a link that says “ht: copyblogger”, that is where the clip art and concept was taken from.

  6. Michele says:

    Arrrrrrrrgh … my toes are stepped on. In my attempts to avoid “offending” I have effectively said nothing of import. No authority. Just drivel.


  7. Heidi

    passion and blogging I think go hand in hand, a blog is a blog until the author arrives.

  8. @ngie

    Hi Heidi. :-)

    Since we are talking I am going to talk.

    What does it mean when you say “a blog is a blog”?

  9. TheNorEaster says:

    Writing–good, solid strong writing–requires a passion balanced by discipline, from which comes authority.

    Anyone can “blog”.

    Very few, I’ve found, can write.

    For a lot of people, blogs are just “an improved means to an unimproved end”.

  10. TheNorEaster says:

    (And to see my typos, too. Heh.)

  11. true – people have to feel that they have something important to say, or that they are important enough to have readers. if one wants to just write, i suppose he or she would simply journal.

  12. Passion? yes
    Authority? no – anybody who wants to can start a blog.

  13. Michelle says:

    I feel the passion, but I’m not sure I write with authority. I can stand firm on the Word of God and since that’s usually what I write about, His Word is my authority. But when I start explaining myself, my feelings, my life…I seem to use lots of words life “hope” and “I think”…

    Hmmm…good article.

  14. annie says:

    Passion, absolutely. Authority? Uhhhh….. I don’t think so. I mean, I suppose you have to talk about something you know that others are interested in knowing, but … I don’t think that I call that authority. Unless you include people like Lord Arthur Goring from An Ideal Husband: “But I love talking about nothing father. It’s the only thing I know anything about!”

  15. love says:

    Should i come back after the construction work is complete? there seems to be a little ‘restriction’ on comments – there were far more comments than this on this post yesterday and mine has disappeared completely?

    Looking forward to see where you take it :-)

    Hope the blog rejuvenation is reflective of your own? ( ie for the better! less/no depression?) :-)

    speaking personally – i’m bearing (staying) with you – no matter what!


  16. oooh….i love it. it looks so good! how’d you get it to get the changing header?

    i came back to check on things at g&g and was so excited to find the new look. ilikeitalot.

  17. amy

    holy smokes… you’re so fancy!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. tam

    passion? yes!

    authority? i dunno. not sure how to translate that in this question.

    determination and consistency? yes. i think those two make a great blog too.


  19. TheNorEaster says:

    And for the record, in my last sentence, I wasn’t talking about this blog.

    It has been a privedge to see you grow, Alece.

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