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I have the amazing privilege of writing for Deeper Story once a month. And I’m over there today, sharing some thoughts on suffering and riverbeds… and what the two have in common. If you’ve ever endured any kind of painful heartache, link over and read it. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Deeper Story: Shifting Sand >
My friend Jeremy Statton graciously interviewed me for his blog, aptly called Living Better Stories. He asked some poignant questions about shattered dreams, asking God “why?“, and choosing joy. Link over to read my responses.
Interview: On Choosing Joy >
Will you do me a favor and share a link to one of your favorite posts that you’ve written recently? I know, I know… That might feel strange to do. But I asked, so no need to worry about it seeming self-promoting. Honestly, I’d love to read the best thing you’ve written lately… So go ‘head.
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25 Responses to “around the interwebs”
  1. Beth

    Here is a post containing my first video blog, posted right before I left for the hospital to give birth ;)

  2. Georgi says:

    Thank you for sharing, Alece. Such good words. “And trust that the divine finger isn’t finished carving the course yet.” I need to remember that one, get it deep in my soul. And “Don’t bring building supplies to the graveyard.” I realize, now that I’m able to look back at the dark days, that there is so much wisdom in that. I can also see His finger at work then – it was when my dark days began and I started searching the internet because I didn’t know where else to go, that I found you all at Deeper Story, I found Gitzen Girl, I found A Holy Experience. I found Him, through all of your words. Thank you so very very much.

  3. Hi Alece,

    So while I was writing this post I wondered the whole time if I would actually publish it…sometimes when I share my experiences on living out both sides of adultery I worry how it will be taken by others…I worry if I’m being too honest and saying too much. But in the end I decided to go ahead and put it out there and it has been one of my most hit posts this year. I’ve been able to have a lot of awesome conversations with people that have been hurt by adultery and want to know what motivates someone to have an affair and then act out the way they do after confessing it.

    • that was a hard read, but profound at the same time. in a way it gave me insight into the mind of my own ex-husband… makes me wonder what he was really thinking (and is thinking still)…

      thank you for putting yourself out there in such a courageous and vulnerable way. i know it is a huge gift to so many…

      • Thank you for checking out my post, Alece. It means a lot. I knew it would be a hard read for you…it was hard for me to write. I’ve received quite a few emails from women who’s husbands (or ex) have had affairs and they’ve made almost the identical comment you have. In the end I can’t tell them or you with a 100% certainty why they were cheated on…but I have found through my experience that both men and women who commit adultery think, act, and respond in very similar ways….they shutdown, become cold, lash out, try to shift blame and responsibility, and just really act like a jerk. It sucks.

        I have a lot of thoughts but I won’t clutter your blog with them :o) Maybe someday I’ll write it all out. Thanks again for reading my post.

  4. As always, love reading anything you write!

    Here is a post I wrote just a little while ago about a Muslim girl in my class that I am absolutely in love with:

  5. Checked out your interview. Every time you share your story it hurts my heart and yet amazes me how you have come through and continue to share. That’s courageous.
    Since you gave the OK, here’s piece I wrote about not letting your current circumstances define who you are:

    • that post was awesome! you are so right… we can get so caught up in searching for what’s next that we miss what’s right here. God’s totally saying “the next big thing is already here.” (and i will never view those Samsung commercials the same way!)

  6. Biblis Vox says:

    I was just thinking about you yesterday and wondering when I’d see another update in my inbox. Your ability to express all that you are feeling and thinking, in the midst of trials, is so… inspiring or encouraging seem like odd words to tie to stories of suffering… so I’ll switch to spanish – me anima, which is kind of like to encourage or to inspire but also means to move to get up and carry on and to persevere… thank you.
    I’ll kind of cheat and share two links – one about my own story and what my pain taught me about faith and pain:
    And one about who and what inspires me to write and to do the work I do, those who are called to be broken (in different ways) for their faith in Christ:

    • the part of your post talking about things NOT to say to someone who is grieving is spot-on. man, even well-intended people say and do the most awful things in times of crisis and heartache. i appreciated your gracious thoughts on all that.

      (and thank you also for your encouraging words)

  7. Amy Young says:

    It was a bit intimidating to have my interview follow yours :)

    Here’s a post that’s about a couch I love. I didn’t realize it would turn into a trilogy, but saw her today and there’s more to say. What happens when answered prayer becomes old wine skins?

    • your interview at jeremy’s was AMAZING by the way. your statement about not deciding again but walking out the decision you’d already made continues to stick with me!

      and your couch post was powerful. all too often we cling to yesterday’s answered prayers more than we cling to the Answerer. thank you for that nudging reminder to hold loosely even that which comes from His hand…

  8. Mindy says:

    Your words continue speak hope into my own brokenness, Alece. Thank you.

    I used to blog several years ago–and I am wanting to start up again–but I’ve got nothing of significance to share at this point. Usually my processing spills out in songwriting instead. Maybe when I start blogging again, I’ll pop back and share a link with you then. :)

  9. I’ve been a silent reader for a while, Alece, but I appreciate your writing for its raw honesty. My most recent post was written through tears for the in-betweenness of it all and is here…hope you enjoy. Chloe

    • thank you for your sweet words, chloe.

      and your post was absolutely beautiful. i too wrestle with broken glory in the tension between the now and the not yet. thinking of you today… hope your thanksgiving is filled with unexpected goodness.

  10. Sara S. says:

    Okay so I have officially spent most of my morning reading your blog! I so appreciate your honesty and genuineness. Thank you for being so real… That kind of candor is hard to find these days. I can relate to so much of what ou have shared about your own insecurities and lack of trust. Anyway it was a pleasure “spending” my morning with you! This was something I wrote about a month go that I thought I would share with you! Blessings!

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